Bloomsbury Droid

Bloomsbury Droid

Veronika Pete wearing removable cover for Genium

“I wanted a cover that mirrored the shape of my natural leg but instead of being realistic, something that would be true to itself”. Embracing the technology that Veronika wears (a microprocessor genium leg), the name Bloomsbury Droid was given to this leg by Veronika who at the time worked in Bloomsbury Square in London. She wanted to achieve a sophisticated cyborg aesthetic, with clean lines and a subtle palette.

The cover was 3D printed in SLS nylon then hydro-dipped. It’s got a metal knee cap and a secret compartment with lights inside. When the knee is bent, the thigh appears to reveal a turbine engine.

Designed and made by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Helen Lansdown and Michael Batty

Fitted at Proactive Prosthetics

Photography by Omkaar Kotedia