Anatomical Leg

Anatomical Leg

Ryan Seary, ex-serviceman for explosive ordnance disposal.

“Whilst on Op Herrick ll , myself and my team were carrying out a high risk search in Babaji, Helmand. Whilst on the route I stepped on a LMC pressure plate, it partially detonated which removed my left foot and hand at the scene. My team provided initial first aid before I was flown back to Bastion in a record of 17 minutes (record at the time). At Bastion my left leg was removed above the knee and my left arm above the elbow.

“Since my injury I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t changed who I am and I think those around me would agree. Although my appearance has changed I don’t notice it that much, occasionally someone tells me that I’m being stared at but it doesn’t faze me. Often young children will be confused and want to ask about or touch my leg but that’s only natural curiosity.

“My expectations of the leg were high as I have seen Sophie’s other work and she is a very talented artist. When I received the leg it was better than I could have imagined, it can only be described as Awesome! The detail is amazing and I can’t get over how realistic the foot looks, many people have taken a few seconds to get their mind round the fact that it’s not real.”

3D printed nylon, silicone, lacquer in various colours.

Created by Sophie and Eduardo de Oliveira Barata.

Fitted at Headley Court.

Photography by Omkaar Kotedia.

Materials: 3D printed nylon, silicone, lacquer in various colours.