Light Leg

Light Leg

Commissioned for Viktoria’s ‘Prototype‘ music video as part of Channel 4’s Born Risky campaign, the leg gives the impression of seeing through to the bone with lights flashing inside. Running off batteries, the leg needed to emit sufficient light to illuminate the room.

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LEDS were housed in a hollow bone, constructed from fibreglass and silicone, finished in chrome lacquer. The casing was vac-formed plastic in the shape of Viktoria’s leg.

cast resin | silicone | plastic | LEDS | chrome lacquer


Concept by film director Sam Faramund and Viktoria Modesta

Design and production by Sophie de Oliveira Barata

Construction by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Kaos Art, Natalie Ellner

Electronics by Doug McCarthy

Fitted at Ability Matters Clinic

Photography by Ewelina Stechnij and Lukasz Suchorab.