Rolls Royce

Electric Spark

Commissioned for Rolls Royce, this is the first ever recorded wearable jacob’s ladder. Influenced by elements of the Black Badge car, wearing this leg Viktoria Modesta embodies the machine. 

The leg features a mini tesla coil in the shoe which activates a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ effect. When turned on, a rotating switch selects a specific spark gap and creates a high voltage. The electrons from the grounded copper strip are attracted to the higher voltage on the opposite side, creating a bright spark as they jump across. As the rotary switch turns it energizes the spark gaps sequentially allowing the spark to ascend and descend.

Conceived by Viktoria Modesta
Leg tech designed by Anouk Wipprecht and Joe diPrima
Produced and constructed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata with GTR
Finished by Funky Dipz
Limb fitting by Alex Freire
Shoes by Unitednude